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Bed Bug Pesticide Alert – From the EPA

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Bed Bug Detection
Our Partners

Hart-Shegos Inspection Services LLC (HSIS), leverages services through a number of important partnerships.  A key collaborator is Hart-Shegos and Associates, Inc (H-SA) , a housing development and asset management technical consulting firm specializing in services to nonprofit sponsors of supportive housing (housing and services for residents who have experienced homelessness).   Through H-SA, we are able to provide technical training on resident education services to help residents better understand how they can help property management prevent and respond to bed bugs.  H-SA conducts technical conferences on bed bug issues twice a year as well as site-based consulting services for affordable housing operators. 

Another important ally in the defense against bed bugs is Brothers Pest Control.  While HSIS does not require clients to use Brothers Pest Control, we recognize their cutting edge “green” approach to identifying and exterminating bed bugs with as little chemical interventions as possible.  Using a “fire and ice” method, Brothers Pest Control freezes bed bugs through CO2 applications and then applies steam heat to vacuum residual bugs.  No pest control company can guarantee 100% kill, but Brothers Pest Control provides a targeted approach with as high a “green” or non toxic approach possible.  For more information on Brothers Pest Control go to http://www.broserv.com/our-services/pest-control