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Bed Bug Pesticide Alert – From the EPA

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Bed Bug Detection
About Scout – Our Hard working Bed Bug Dog

Scout is a young beagle, bred specifically for scent detection.  Born in Arkansas and trained by Iron Heart Canine Academy in Kansas City, Kansas, Scout came to Minnesota anxious to “work”.   Warm, friendly and well-mannered, Scout’s greatest pleasure is seeking out bed bugs.  Once he detects a “live” scent, he signals his “find” by quickly sitting and wagging his tail.  Scout is trained not to “dig” when he catches scent so to not scatter the bugs or destroy property and belongings.  Once Scout’s “find” is confirmed by Jim Hart, his handler, he is given a treat.  This reward-based training system has been tested and proven effective.  Every day of Scout’s life is spent in either conducting inspections or in training to reinforce his detecting technique.  To Scout this is a game that he enjoys a great deal and for which he is constantly rewarded.  At least annually, Scout is certified by an independent training facility to ensure his and his handler’s expertise.  Scout’s health and happiness is constantly monitored.  It is evident when you meet them that Jim and Scout enjoying serving our clients with constant, high quality attention to detail.  Hart-Shegos Inspections Services, LLC is a member of NESDCA.